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Why Trump will change the way we travel

Trump will change the way we travel - Luca Travels Around

So, Americans made their move. Was it the best one? I don’t know, I have no crystal ball to gaze into, but for sure it’s a very hazardous one. To me, it’s amazingly stupid, but I’m Italian so I’m going to eat my pizza and don’t think about it, we had Berlusconi…

I’m stating that Trump will change the way we travel, but why? Will he book our trips for us? That would be super cool, considering his assets, but I’m sad to inform you that wouldn’t be the case.

How a single man can change things in such a worldwide way it’s not a mystery if you are the President of the United States of America, and you have to understand how his politics will affect everything, included how he will change the way we travel.

Muslims, stay away!

Trump doesn’t like Muslims. Actually, I don’t think he likes any immigrant, so prepare to have a hard time trying to go to the USA. I wouldn’t be surprised if checks intensify for those people not looking like a real American citizen. Visas and green cards too could be more challenging to obtain, but if, when, and after you get them, that couldn’t save you from being scowled. Remember that it’s not only Trump that doesn’t like you (a generic you, of course), it’s the 50+1% of the Americans who voted for him. And they have guns.

Canada will be crowded

Meanwhile in Canada - Luca Travels Around

A lot of Americans said they would move to Canada if Trump wins the elections, so I’m guessing they are all packing right now. Canada is a magnificent country, and they have plenty of room for everyone. Will it be enough? We’ll see, it’s already hard to move to Canada, it will be tougher now. Canadian immigration site has already collapsed several times in the last hours!

Easier to travel to the Middle East

Well, that could be good, isn’t it? Trump will most probably ease the situation with Putin and Russia, and that means maybe an agreement on Siria’s affairs and, who knows, a truce. Fewer battles, fewer tensions, fewer people running away from their homelands to Europe, fewer foreign fighters, fewer acts of terrorism. Too good to be true? Could be, but I like to dream about it.

Trumps - Luca Travels Around

Harder to travel to the Middle East!

Wait, didn’t I just say it could be easier? Yes, but on the other side, it could be harder too. Western governments are struggling to fight radicalization, by a process of integration and interreligious dialogue. But Trump stated he doesn’t want Muslims on American soil and that, beyond the fact that’s impracticable, could give the image of all westerners being anti-Islam. Now show yourself with blond hair and blue eyes while doing a yoga pose in Siria…

Dollar could rise

Experts say that with the election of Trump the dollar could rise and that will change the way we travel. A stronger dollar means a less favorable change for foreign currencies, but looking to the other side of the coin (pun intended, you can laugh!), if you are American you have a more powerful sum of money in your pockets, that translates into more traveling opportunities abroad.

What’s your opinion about it? Do you think Trump will change the way we travel or not? Tell me in the comments below!

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Why Trump wll change the way we travel - Luca Travels Around

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  • Let me correct one thing here. Americans can’t just come to Canada, this is not the EU. I’m a bit pissed that Americans have the assumption that they can go anywhere whenever they want – Canadians aren’t about to open their doors to disgruntled Hillary supporters.

    I would advise them to stay and work from within. I have very little sympathy when I hear that voter participation was at a 20 year low (CNN). After all the whining and complaining about Trump and his racist and sexist comments, only 55% of Americans bothered to vote? Makes me pissed and I’m not even American.

    Frank (bbqboy)

    • I absolutely agree with about being pissed off. It easy to complain, but if only the 55% of Americans went to vote, there’s something hypocrite in it.

      And well, having lived in Canada for a while, I do hope they don’t accept all the Americans willing to move 😀

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