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Hi, I’m Luca, and I have a problem: I like to travel.

For most of the people this isn’t something to be worried about, but if you’re reading this page I guess you suffer from the same problem I have: we can’t stay home, we need to exit and go!

It doesn’t matter where, how, for how long… we just need to take our stuff and go, see the world, meet people, have new experiences, try new foods and discover what other countries and populations have to show and teach us. Remember, traveling is learning.

We are curious, and we know the world is so big that would be a waste of space if we stayed in only one place for our whole life. Therefore, we go!

From the simple weekend in a medieval hamlet to an intrepid route backpacking Asia, we broaden our mind traveling, we realize there’s other than our hometown and sooner or later that won’t be enough for us.

However, traveling could be problematic too. Time and money just to start the travel itself. Then weather, linguistic problems, sickness, injuries, “dangerous encounters” and so on, once arrived at our destination. There’s always the unexpected, and not necessarily it would be positive. But we go on; we struggle aware that it’s worth it and, no matter what we could say, we’ll travel again.

Because we love exploring our planet, and this is my tribute to it.

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