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Traveling by bus

Double decker in Bangkok | Traveling by bus

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When going on a trip, there are many ways to reach point B from point A: by foot, by car, by plane, etc. One of my favorite, as you can imagine by now from the title, is the bus! I traveled South America for three months and in that period the only means of transportation possible were buses, so I guess it all started there.

When I was a child, I don’t remember many bus trips nor any of them I particularly enjoyed. I remember a hell-on-wheels from Tuscany to Denmark with the school instead: NEVER AGAIN. But this is not material for this article.

Anyway, the distances in Brazil, for instance, weren’t any shorter than that, but it was different. It could be because the buses were more comfortable, I could see different and beautiful landscapes or maybe it was just the idea of being on a journey that was enough to make me appreciate everything.

I remember, on a night trip across Argentina on a double-decker, I was on the first row on the top floor: only the windshield in front of me and an amazing starry night! I also discovered how the drivers communicate during the night to the bus/trucks in front of them: if they want to overtake, they honk their horns towards the vehicle ahead. This vehicle answers back and lights the turn signal: if it’s the left one, you’re free to go and overtake, the road is clear. If it’s the right one, stay on your side and wait. I have to admit I was surprised by that, and I was wondering who started all of this hehe.

Front seats | Traveling by bus

Don’t talk to the driver!

I rode several buses, some with excellent services like fully reclining seats, hostesses serving food, blankets, pillows and earphones like on a plane. Some others instead so overcrowded it was like being a human tetromino (you know, Tetris?), some other they were just school buses with oversized wheels, able to cross rivers.

I’m a very curious person and another thing that I like it’s observing the other passengers. Ehy, I’m not a stalker or a maniac! Simply, and that also applies to other public means of transportation, I try to guess where they are from or what they do for living looking at their clothes or stuff they bring, their nationality when I spot travelers and things like that. You can call it a sort of game, to pass some time, but it’s also something that fascinated me seeing all these different persons, with many stories and backgrounds, on the same route as mine, crossing my life with them even if for a short amount of time.

Anyway, obviously it’s not always comfortable traveling by bus. You could find stiff or tight seats, toilets out-of-order, very low-fi on board tv screen (when working), annoying passengers (and that’s the most common) but in the end when the lights are off and silence falls nothing matters anymore.

What about you? Any story to tell about a trip by bus? Personally, I’m looking forward to another one!

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Traveling by bus


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