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Different ways of traveling the world

Last updated on 23/01/2017 at 18:42:14

There are many ways of traveling the world and I can’t say which one is right or which one is wrong, because for me all of them are right. Different travels for different people.

In my life, I traveled a bit, still not how much I’d like, but I can’t complain. Traveling alone is one of my favorite ways, but I did it also with parents, with friends, with girlfriends (hey, no polygamy here, just considering the former ones!), with classmates, I made planned trips, improvised ones… But also, the trip itself was different: a European capital to see arts and museums, a Caribbean island to chill out on the beach, a national park to see wildlife and dive into nature or its wilder variation, a trip in an exotic jungle, for example.

Jungle volcano - Luca Travels Around

Sometimes you just had a hell of a period and what you really want is to laze on a sandy beach, only with the noise of waves in your ears and the sun warming your body, nothing else. Or maybe you want to see that new exposition in that museum in that city! Right, let’s go and see what’s up there! Find what’s best for you and do it, don’t necessarily follow advice, they could be good but not fit your needs.

Then you can take the means of transport of your choice: a bike for a slow ride, your trusty shoes on a scenic route, or take something with an engine: a moped, a car, a train, an airplane… Personally, I like the bus but when you are dealing with thousands of kilometers I guess you have to take an airplane!

Another thing that affects our trip is the most obvious one: not all of us are like Indiana Jones, so we need first to adapt the travel to our needs and capabilities. I know, you’d like to climb mount Everest with only your hat and whip, but it’s reasonably difficult to do it if the only physical exercise you do it’s to bring food to your mouth. Let’s stay realistic: you can do it, but it takes a lot of time and efforts (plus Indy’s hat and whip!).

Sadly, another common discriminating factor is money. Nowadays there are A LOT of ways to save money while planning and during a trip but still, if your goal is the tour of Antarctica on an icebreaker well, it’s better if you stop reading this article and sell your car… There are budget flight/bus company, car rental/sharing, early reservations, cargo ships, hitchhiking… Usually, for every expensive option there is, you can find an alternative low-cost one. Just start searching for it.

We have a powerful resource our parents hadn’t: the internet. Let’s use it at its best, to search and find what we need, the way we need it. It would be probably boring and time-consuming, but it’s gonna worth it, guaranteed. You’ll save a lot of money and you won’t stoop to compromise.

That’s how travel should be: personal, tailor-made, different for everyone. And that’s the reason I usually don’t like travel packages: they could be a bargain but nine times out of ten I don’t like what they propose. They’re not my ways of traveling.

Just to recap:

  1. Never let your dream fade away. If you want to do it, probably you will do it, but it doesn’t necessarily mean it will be easy. Just reflect on it, plan it, consider pros and cons and, above all, don’t give up.
  2. There’s no cool or uncool way of traveling, despite some may think or say. It doesn’t matter if you go by car to a medieval village for the weekend, or you spend some months walking across India. The fact you went and saw what you wanted to it’s already cool, and it’s an experience that taught you something.

Share your thoughts with me, I’m willing to hear what you think and your different experiences while traveling the world!

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