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Alone together

Alone together

Last updated on 03/11/2016 at 16:26:11

A couple of years ago I was working in Málaga for the summer. I was reaching the end of my contract so, talking with some colleagues, I said I was going backpacking a couple of weeks in Portugal.

With whom?” someone asked me.

Alone,” I said.

Alone?? Why? No one wants to come?

It’s common to see people surprised when speaking about going on a trip alone. And what’s even funnier, if I can say so, is that they believe you go alone because no one wants to join you. Usually the idea of a person willing to go somewhere alone on purpose, for a period longer than some hours, it’s totally inconceivable!

Human is a social animal, like Aristoteles said back in the days, so we usually bond with other people and almost every our activity is relevant to someone else. We stay in a group, we make friends, we share stuff, we take part in events… that’s our life.

So it seems strange to choose arbitrarily to go away with no one to talk to, for example. But leaving alone it’s not “sad” or “for people with problems” like someone could say, it’s instead a way to know ourselves better, understand how we deal with some situations and prove that we can do it. I’m not saying it’s easy, at all. But probably the biggest part of the problem is convincing ourselves to go alone. That is the apex, the top of the hill. After that, everything it’s easier.

And then well… you are FREE. I know, it sounds so selfish, and in part it’s true. But when the only person you have to deal with is you, there are much fewer compromises to make, fewer decisions to take and that reflects on your mind. More relaxed means a better trip.

Plus, you can make friends everywhere! It’s not true that traveling alone means being alone. A lot of doors can open with a smile, a lot of new people can help you if you respect them and are kind to them. They’re people like we are and who knows, a long-lasting friendship can start!

Do you want to leave alone? Do it! Do you want to leave in a group? Do it! Don’t let people influences you, think with your head, weigh up your thoughts, be responsible and go! Enjoy your trip the way you want it, you could always regret later hehe!


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