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About this blog

There are several reasons behind this travel blog, all valid from their point of view but none more or less important among the others.

I always liked writing, among my hobbies, and this isn’t the first blog/website I have. I hence decided to mix these two passions of mine and build up this travel blog. I’m surprised I didn’t think about it earlier. Probably I was too focused on a lot of other things my mind always stumbles into!

Another reason is that I have a lot of spare time and writing my experiences is a much constructive way to use this time than watching TV when I’m back from work!

I can also say that, since I see a lot of travel blogs out there on the web, I could use my time telling about my past trips, the cities and countries visited, my ideas or thoughts about places or people, the food I tried and so on, hoping to be an amusing read for the ones who would care spending some minutes of their lives looking at my posts. Obviously, I’ll put all my efforts in it, hoping to visit more places in the future and tell you about that!

There’s no precise editorial line for this blog. I will write about the last city I’ve visited, or maybe I’ll give you some advice to prepare your baggage at best. I’m a mixed traveler: I can backpack or stay in a five stars hotel (yeah, that’s an easy win!), so I’ll speak about it too, the different ways of traveling. Or I will discuss on food and drinks and what’s to try or not when going, for example, in Japan. I love food and what’s behind it, meaning the culture of people and their history. You can understand a lot from a country’s food, just don’t be too choosy and open up your mouth!

Anyway, I’ll speak frankly, maybe with a little bit of humor or sarcasm, but always outspoken. I hope you won’t get offended by something I could say but if you will, probably, you’re better reading something else!

So here it is, I hope you will enjoy my articles, and I invite you to comment whenever you want to say something. Everything is appreciated, discussions are important but always remember being respectful and polite to people who have different opinions. Do you want to offend? So you probably also like Donald Trump, and I feel pity for you.

[mks_highlight color=”#dd3333″]Disclaimer[/mks_highlight]

Just to be clear, I write because I like to, and I also like traveling, but obviously I’ll try to make money from these two passions of mine with this travel blog. I can assure you that you’ll never see loads of ads popping up or fulfilling every page of this site, I hate that crap, and I like things to be aesthetically clean. Anyway, you could read reviews of places or gadgets/tools or links to commercial sites with my referral, but I’ll write only about things I try and my opinion will be crystal clear.