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Let’s start from the beginning. I’m Luca, I’m Italian, and I was born in the eighties of last century. My hometown is a small city on the Tuscan seaside, the place where I spent so far most of my lifetime and, as you may already know, my love for traveling caught me.

I don’t know how it started. I remember dreaming of London and Australia when I was a little child, but my first experience out of my country was a family day trip to Switzerland when I was around 8.

Then I grow up and for a period of time, the only way I had to go somewhere across Europe was with my classroom, on the school trips we usually had in spring.

Economically speaking my family was a “normal” family, with a father working and a mother being a housewife, so we couldn’t afford to go abroad often. Let’s consider the period too, the mid-’90s, and the fact that low-cost air companies were just starting hitting Europe, planning a trip was less easy without the Internet and we had boundaries and different currencies all over EU.

I grew up studying until I thought it was enough, so I started working to pay for my travel needs. I ended up also selling personal stuff (like a motorbike…) to gather the money necessary to make the trip I was so eager to do!

Luckily, it happened also that I had the opportunity to work in different countries, so I could go around with an HQ no more settled in Italy and a salary to cover my expenses.

By rails, by air, by sea, alone, in a couple, with friends, it doesn’t matter the means or the company, what’s important is the experience and the sensations we feel while we travel, bad or good they are.

Don’t dream about traveling, travel! It’s the best thing that can happen to you, because traveling is learning!