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5 kinds of people that shouldn’t travel

5 kinds of people that shouldn't travel

Last updated on 03/07/2017 at 15:29:42

Do you think there are some kinds of people that shouldn’t travel? I do, and I think there are at least five of them that should never travel and see the world, ’cause it’s pointless or even harmful when they travel.

These people don’t give a damn about the travel as a new experience, they just want to satisfy some of their needs and they learn nothing from the places they are. I know that for someone traveling means going on vacation, so what they need is a break in their lives, to replenish their strengths and wash away the stress from their minds. But you can do it in a clever way or in a stupid way.

What I’m trying to say is that I’m sad about people not enjoying the world as they travel, since it’s the best that can happen in a person’s life, but considering what you do inevitably reflects on the ones that surround you, just stay at home, please.

Does it ring a bell about the people I’m speaking of? Well, if nothing’s coming to your mind, here’s the list. Enjoy!

  1. The moaner. This one complains about everything. Nothing is good enough or if it is, then complains about his country. “People don’t speak my language“, “This food is not good“, “Dirt everywhere!“, “It’s not as cheap as they told me…“. Or vice-versa: “You see? Here everything works, not like in [name a country]!“, “Look how clean they are here, I wish we could be the same in [name a country]!“, and so on. I know it’s easy to spot differences and think about your country and habits, but especially if you’re complaining about the place you’re visiting, maybe you’re overthinking and not enjoying your trip. Or it’s not the best place for you. So relax, stop complaining or stay home.
  2. The fast-foodie. It happens, you’re in a hurry, you need to eat, you see a comforting, known sign and you enter in a fast food. It happens, it can happen, but not when it’s the normality. I heard several excuses to justify that choice: “It’s cheaper“, “It’s safer“, “It’s better” the most used. The only one I could think you may have a point is the one about safeness. Some people are just scared by everything potentially harmful so, between a “dirty” truck selling an unknown street food and a fast-food chain, the choice is clear. Probably fewer bacteria, better quality standards and so on. But that’s it, I see no other points in choosing standardized food and remain unaware of the food wonders around the world! My mouth starts watering just by thinking about them now! So please, exploring a new country passes also through eating your way in it. If you don’t care about it, stay at home.Fast food delicacies - Luca Travels Around
  3. The arrogant. That’s the polite way to say “stupid asshole”, as there’s no other way to define this kind of person. He’s similar to the moaner but worst. Everyone should be at his service, the money he spent or he’s spending grants him royal rights. He’s always right, you’re always wrong, he insults, tramples on human dignity, and complains a lot, of course. That’s one of the worst persons you can happen to meet, they really strain your patience to the limit. For yours and his sake, he should absolutely stay home.

Now, these ones are the inoffensive ones, so to speak. People that basically don’t cause much harm to the other but in the end, they are the ones losing something valuable due to their behavior.

There are, though, at least two other kinds of people that are harmful when they move abroad, and not only they shouldn’t travel, they shouldn’t BE ALLOWED to travel.

  1. The vandal. Some may call them ignorant, some other romantic, when they chisel their name inside a heart on thousand-years old trees’ trunk or write with permanent markers on the stone of an ancient temple. I call them vandals, ignorant vandals. These are egomaniacs who lack respects for whatever is not theirs. They have to state it out loud: “XXX WAS HERE” or “YYY LOVES ZZZ”. No one cares, you stupid asshole, do it at your place if you dare. Even worse when they break or steal something “as a souvenir”. I’m glad when they’re caught in the act, but sometimes don’t even a fine makes them understand. Probably a ban from a country could fit.
    Carved tree trunk - Luca Travels Around

    Yes, say no to it.

  2. The sex tourist. That’s probably the most despicable one. I’m not referring to the adventure that can happen with someone met during a trip, I speak of people traveling only with the purpose to have (cheap) paid sex with whoever has a price. Or not even, sometimes. Aside from the fact that only losers pay for sex, these men (because they’re mainly men) exploit young girls and boys living under mistreatment to have sexual intercourse with wealthy people coming from abroad. That’s something I really despise from my heart, considering also that there are people looking for “particular things”, often underage, and that’s terrible. These people are dangerous and they shouldn’t BE ALLOWED to travel, among the other things.

Traveling is not a right, no matter how easy it is nowadays to do it. If you can’t understand the importance for yourself of going in a new place or worse, if you’re a living danger while traveling, please don’t ever leave your couch.

What do you think about it? Are there any kinds of people who shouldn’t travel? I’m curious to hearing from you!

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5 kinds of people that shouldn't travel - Luca Travels Around


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  • Haha! what a great list! I know few friends who fits in this list. thankfully I have been traveling solo since last 10 years and I am not anything from what you have mentioned! Cheers! Haha!

    • Do your friends a favor and warn them that they’re not fully enjoying their trip if they’re on this list! 😀

  • I entirely agree with you! I am lucky, I’ve never traveled with any of those people. I have encountered some of them, but then I never really stick around them otherwise something bad could happen …

  • Definitely agree with your list (especially the downright harmful vandal/ sex tourists). It’s frustrating coming across people when you travel that only complain about things. We should all just try and see the bright side of things and enjoy the fact that we can travel 🙂

    • Maybe not for everyone traveling is a joy, it’s probably a nuisance but they do nothing to see the bright sie of it.

  • As ever, a funny, well-written and pretty spot on account. Certainly, I can’t agree more with your last two entries, the Vandal and the Sex-Tourist. It’s depressing to think of the number of times I’ve seen visitors “leave their mark” on some historical site or pace of natural beauty, something which reeks not only of narcissism but also fecklessness while my recent visit to Thailand had a few more horny westerners than I really would have liked. Anyway, great post and one that really made me laugh

    • Thanks, Gareth!
      Thailand was exactly the country I had in mind while writing about the sex tourists, it’s a situation I really abhor.

  • Now this is a great list. I have definitely been on trips with people in the first three categories and it take a lot of energy to ignore their negativity. I especially like trying local foods, but admit, on occasion I’ll stop by a fast-food restaurant to see what’s popular & how it varies from the ones back home.

    • I bet everyone stopped at a fast-food sooner or later, because as you say, there are some differences and variations on the subject in different countries. Hamburgers with typical local sauce or a side dish of fried banana, who knows. But it’s limiting eating only that!

  • Ha ha…I have seen plenty of moaners and to be honest, I find them hilarious. I tend to laugh off their moaning and take perverse pleasure in disregarding their complaints. It kind of is sweet revenge 🙂 Loved reading this post. It was hilarious.

    • Usually, I think and act your same way, unless one of them crosses my path. That’s the beginning of the end, I’m very patient, but I’m also extremely direct when pissed off!

  • If only people read this and realized where they belonged in this article, travel would be much easier. I have come across the arrogant kind on many trips, it’s a nuisance not just for the company they are with but also the co-travelers.

    • I don’t think they’d realize or care, and you can’t do much about that. In the end, the ones “suffering” for that behaviours, are the ones with him/her, not them.

  • Completely agree..I have met a few moaners and to be honest to bring the mood of others also down. There was one in our group once and I vowed never to travel with her again!!! It is a very interesting list that you have compiled in this post.

    • There’s nothing worse than traveling in a group and have to deal with such persons, the risk is to ruin everything and make everyone upset.

  • This is an Interesting post. I have had my fair share of experience with the moaners and arrogant ones. Nothing is good enough for them. And if you are not ready to compromise while traveling, then don’t travel at all. Totally agree with you. Also, sex tourists are just cheap. Better for everyone if they are not allowed to travel

    • I hope that in the future, the more we are aware of our world, due to internet and stuff, the fewer those people are gonna show up! I mean, they should already be, but I still hope…

  • Such an interesting post! I totally agree, some people definitely should stay at home instead of annoying other travelers and inhabitants. During my travels I met a lot of moaners and arrogants, such an awful experiences.

  • I would love to add one more, the shopaholic. I don’t mind people shopping when they are on their trips but if you do nothing other than shopping, then you should have just stayed at home. I have met many moaners and fast foodies in my life. I resort to fast foodie only if I can’t find good local vegetarian dishes, which is rarely the case.
    After seeing the Ashton Kutcher video, I have realised that there are so many sex tourists out there. They should definitely be banned from exploiting kids.

    • I didn’t think about shopaholic, but you have a point! But I see there are people who can afford to have the world as their shopping mall, so buying a purse in Paris and travel to NY for a pair of sneaker is just normal.
      I just saw the video by Kutcher, I’ve nothing to add to what he said… 🙁

  • I can sense the frustration. I have felt annoyed several times myself.
    The last category should be banned actually. Wish it is easy to find people’s motive.

  • I can connect to everything you have mentioned in this article. I met many of these people from all the categories and I can’t agree more with you that they should not travel anywhere. Such bad attitude towards everything. No gratitude at all.

    • I’m sorry you met many of those persons, I hope they didn’t ruin your trips too much!
      Gratitude? It’s a non-existing word in their dictionary…

  • He he… I hate the consistent moaners. Also, almost every monument in India has been desecrated by “romantic” vandals with their lovestories. I hope they break up soon. 😛

    • Hahaha, well, I don’t know if it’s the best solution, the risk is they find someone else and tell again the world about their love on some monuments!

    • I can understand what you mean eheh
      I guess the risk is to be too “snob” or “knowitall” after a while that you don’t enjoy traveling anymore or you annoy others with stories no one asked you about.

  • Yes, I definitely believe there are certain people who shouldn’t travel… at least not often 😉 I’ve traveled with a “moaner” before and it was unbearable. I had planned the whole trip and it went really smoothly but she still always found something to complain about! One day… her milk for her cereal was apparently not cold enough! So silly. Great post, thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Poor cereals, they were bathing in hot milk!! 😀
      Do you think they actually enjoy their moaning, that’s why the do it?

      Thanks 🙂

  • Unfortunately, I’ve encountered every single one of these type of travelers! Wait, except for the sex one. Yikes! You live and you learn. Picking a good travel buddy is key. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • You’re welcome 🙂
      I’m glad you didn’t encounter the sex tourist, they’re just scum to me. No one should ever deal with them.

  • Though I generally feel that people should travel more and more as it helps them open up their minds, though some are slow at that. However, sex tourism is absolutely horrible and can’t be defended at any cost…those who travel to exploit kids should be behind bars. Period.

    • I see your point, but as I said, there are persons who don’t care to open their minds so, at least, try to avoid bothering the others. Nothing else to add on your thoughts on sex tourism, you’re absolutely right.

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